Menino Deus

Menino Deus

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The construction works of the church, under the initiative of King João V to host a worshiped image of the God Child, with a reputation of being miraculous, started in 1711, according to the plan by the royal architect João Antunes, having been completed by Frederico Ludovice, in 1736. The main façade, whose completion was never achieved, shows a magnificent portico with Corinthian columns. With an octagonal architectural plan, its interior is famous for the polychrome of the marbles, in particular those of the chancel’s altarpiece, and also for the gilded woodcarving and for the paintings of all other altarpieces attributed to several authors, namely to Vieira Lusitano, André Rubira and André Gonçalves. Special attention should be given to the trempe l’oeil painting on the ceiling of the nave and to the statues by Jo&atil See more

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