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The Monastery, whose initial project has never been completed, was built in the beginning of the 17th Century for the Comendadeiras of the Order of Saint James [the knights’ wives and daughters] who came from what has been known as the Convent of Santos-o-Velho, dedicated to the 4th Century Saint Martyrs of Lisbon - Veríssimo, Máxima and Júlia. The church, where the relics of the Martyrs are kept, is a particularly rich Baroque art ensemble: polychrome marbles, tiles portraying historical episodes, gilded wood carving and King João V statues. In the cloister, the largest in the city, the highlights include the chapels of Our Lady of the Incarnation and of “Senhor dos Passos” [Jesus on the Way to Calvary], highly decorated with wood carving, tiles, paintings and sculpture, and the oratory dedicated to the Queen Sa See more

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